Class of 2026 - Fisher (Black)

Current Tournament Schedule (Subject to change tournament participating in, but we try to keep the same weekend):

Weekend of March 17 UA Kickoff - Schedule

Weekend of March 24 March Madness - Schedule

Weekend of April 8 Easter Classic 

Weekend of April 15 UA Cincy Hoop Classic 

Weekend of April 21st - The Stage - Prep Hoops - Hotel Reservations

Weekend of May 6 UA Queen City 

Weekend of May 13 UA Midwest Regional 

Weekend of May 20 UA Run n Slam 

Weekend of May 26th - Grit Memorial - Prep Hoops - Hotel Reservations

Weekend of June 30th - The Platform - Prep Hoops

Weekend of July 14th - Grit Region Finals - Prep Hoops - Hotel Reservations