About Us

Ohio Primetime Basketball is a program 13 years in the making.  Its founder started coaching youth basketball in 2009 in the Batavia youth organization, later being the guy in charge.  Having coached and participated in several AAU programs he's see what works and what doesn't work.  He really wanted to form a player first organization that was all about promoting the players in the program.  It started as a collection of the best 2023 players in the area.  It quickly became evident that something special was created and the need to do more was quickly made the goal.  Having four teams in the fall, one in the winter (all other teams were middle school or above so those players are on their school team), and 11 teams in the spring of 2022!  

In the fall of 2022 Ohio Primetime took another major step forward in building an organization for and about the community we serve by having Matt Holbrook step up into the co-director role and transitioning Ohio Primetime from being one mans vision/dream/organization to truly being a team concept for and about the community.  We also have transitioned from into an official non-profit 501(c)(3).

The focus is on the Clermont, Brown, Clinton, Highland and Adams County athletes and schools though we will not turn anybody away based on location alone.

Primetime is a non-profit organization.  Outside of general admin cost (insurance, advertising and other bills) all the money brought in goes to enabling the teams to play in leagues, tournaments, practice time and community support.