Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you based out of?
A: Our target communities are Clermont, Brown, Highland, Adams and Clinton county.  Practices will be held out of Elite Athletics Sports Complex (Eastgate area), Brett Beuclers gym in Sardinia and will use other gyms if the team makes sense to practice somewhere more local to the team dynamics.  A team is given a practice budget and that can be spent anywhere that makes sense.

Q: How many teams will you form?
A: To be determined.  Ultimately we will form teams only if it makes sense.  As a not-for-profit, we don't need to form more teams to make money.  We form teams that make sense for the players in question. Last spring we had 11, we expect more this year.

Q: I want to play with my friends, can I?
A: 7th grade and above fall under OHSAA rules and you can only have 3 players from a given school on a team.  Outside of that, if a collection of 5 quality players want to play together and it makes sense to form the team in that way, we will.  However, we have to form our teams with competitiveness as a priority and sometimes friends cannot all be accepted.

Q: I have an existing team, we want to join Ohio Primetime Basketball, can we?
A: Contact me and lets talk.  We want coaches and players that are all in on the mission of Primetime Basketball and if that is you, we should definitely talk.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: As a not-for-profit organization the cost to the player will be their fair share of the cost to make the team happen.  For most older competitive teams you are in the $450-$600 range which includes a uniform you own. For younger teams the cost will be $200-$300.

Q: What is the schedule?
A: Goal is two practices a week, for some teams it will be a league and 4-6 tournaments.  Other teams may just be a league and a couple tournaments.  Older teams will play 7 or 8 tournaments. Really the game schedule will reflect the goals of the team.

Q: My son plays another sport, can we do this too?
A: I hesitate to give a hard yes or no as it does depend on the family and their commitment to hustling on weekends.  Select sports where you are playing in 6-8 tournaments in the spring are hard to work around.  Recreational sports and even lower select teams can make it work though.  School sports (track and baseball) usually work out just fine if the family is willing to have some long days and go from one practice/game to another.