Every organization or company should have some version of a mission statement.  For Ohio Primetime Basketball we have core values.

Player First.  Just watch our social media.  Player over program.  It really matters to us and it really matters to them.  Go look at other programs social media and see how many players you see called out vs their program being pushed.  Nobody does a better job.

Money is not a motivator.  It takes money to make this all happen, but the directors view this as a charity.  They do not take money out of the program for personal gain.  They put more in than most would realize.  Player fees are determined by the cost to run a team divided by the number of committed players.  

Money not being a hindrance. While we can't ALWAYS remove this hurdle, it is a priority however, and we do what we can to make sure that kids that NEED TO PLAY but CAN'T afford to pay... play.

Chase adversity.  If you are on a 25-5 AAU team, you didn't reach the potential you could have reached.  There are levels to this stuff and going 25-5 says you didn't play opponents tough enough for your team.  You can always level up a bit and play a harder opponent.  That is a priority for our organization.  We register for the hard tournaments because having to push yourself beyond what you think is possible, is where growth happens. 

We want people that want to be here.  Maybe the biggest value we have (Close competition with Player First).  We are going to play the recruiting game and try and get the talent to commit.  But if the choice is between a player that WANTS to be here and one that wants to be elsewhere but will play here if that doesn't work out... we're going with the first player.  We are confident in what we are doing and what we provide.  We want kids to also be where they want to be.  Because that is where they will work the hardest and likely grow the most.  Trying to force this on either side, often just leaves coaches, players and parents frustrated.